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everydayreader's Journal

everyday reader
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This community was inspired from an already existing community of the very same nature - bigcomfychair.

What this community is about:

Everyone has books they mean to read, but never seem to find the time for. In this community we'll choose a book and break it down to one chapter a day, giving everyone plenty of time to read it and eventually finish the book. And to make things fun we'll also have other people to discuss it with.

How this community works:

+ Every member has a chance to suggest and vote on the book we'll be reading. All books must be chosen from the Project Gutenberg site (free ebooks).

+ Once a book is chosen I'll post one chapter a day, giving everyone the opportunity to read it, and, if they feel so inclined, discuss it.

+ Membership is open to everyone, and everyone is welcome. :)